Bonnie and Kona

A black line drawn on white paper reveals a relationship of sky to earth, of time to thought and idea to image. My search begins in this way for an essence of place. When the line encounters the light and defines the landscape my painting takes on its own life.

In this benign landscape, a stage is drawn for the unfolding of the complexity of nature and human drama. This stage offers to me a solitude in which to communicate forms on paper and within myself. The convergence of photography, drawing and painting becomes my dialog. A language of color, a matrix of textures; teaches me harmony, rhythm, boldness, strength, intuition, action and restraint.

The overlays of waterclor, through time, lend depth and dimension to ideas. At times chaos controls, at times the sublime. Then the unexpected occurs and imagination is invited, "to harmonize the whole is the task of art," Kandinsky wrote in CONCERNING THE SPIRITUAL IN ART.

Painting and drawing had always been a part of my life growing up in Wisconsin. Four years of study in illustration and advertising at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles for a Bachelor of Arts led to a working trip to Japan via McCann Erickson-Hakuhodo and Koedi Studio. Once back in Santa Barbara I designed 30 large format photography books for David Muench Photography Inc. Assignments led to backpacking adventures each year in to the landscape of mountains, deserts, forests and oceans. The pounding of waves onto volcanic shores, the sunstar cascading avalanches off Assiniboine, an anthropomorphic figure emerging from an ancient horizon, winds gusting at sunrise and transition moods at sunset, all become part of my watercolor paintings.

I do hope to communicate the contradiction of chaos and beauty by combining synergistic energy and numinous elements in my paintings. To have the originals photographed, then scanned and printed as Giclee prints at Muench Photography, offers a challenge in mastery of the digital imaging techniques now available with archival inks and papers.